F.C.I. (Future Controls International Co. Ltd.)

Web: www.fci119.com
Areas Covered: Worldwide.
FCI (Future Controls International) manufactures and trades process equipment, fire protection and safety equipment specialising in the industrial machinery sector. They supply key devices to industries such as; refinery, chemical, power generation, heavy industry and manufacturing plants through import, manufacture and packaging production. The company has achieved customer satisfaction in terms of enhancing productivity, energy savings and environmental improvements.
Head Office:
#502, Halla-Sigma Valley, 545
Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si
Gyeonggi-do 13215
Korea (South)
phone +82 31 735 7727
fax +82 31 735 7728
phone +82 10 9272 7720
Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer
Relations: Agent/Dealer For: Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd., Ashcroft, Clark Reliance, Cla-Val, Fluorseal, Masteco, Tai Milano, Vent O Mat, Zavero
President Mr. Chung