KURIHA Group - Syrian Fire Fighting System (SFS)

Web: www.kuriha-group.com
Areas Covered: Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan & Syria.
The company's core business focuses on design, supply, installation and after sales services with our highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers for firefighting products ranging from basic fire extinguishers to highly sophisticated fire systems. The company provides total fire protection solutions to the most prestigious development centers, industrial installations, oil refineries and petrochemical plants and airport installations. SFS is renowned for providing superb quality and assuring the timely performance of its products at all times. With simple, yet effective fire extinguishers of all sizes, custom made fire cabinets, heavy duty fire hoses, high capacity powerful pumps, mobile firefighting systems, including CAFS and highly advanced fire engines, SFS dedicated itself to the science of firefighting.
Head Office:
Head Office: Slaybe
Daaboul Building
P.O. Box 493
phone +963 41 470 144
phone +963 11 224 1882
fax +963 11 585 1458
Agent, Dealer, Distributor
Relations: Agent/Dealer For: Aerotecnica Coltri Srl, Armstrong Pumps, Comasec, Fire Pro, Groupo De Incendios, Hochiki, Interspiro, Mica Elektro Oy, Parsch GmbH, Profoam SpA, Quimica 21, Spasciani SpA, Vanzetti
General Director Mr. Rafik Kuriha
Type: Branch
Al Baramka
Al Bakhtiar