This online Directory lists equipment and suppliers for the Asian & Middle Eastern fire industry, covering both the passive and active sectors. It is accompanied by a full-colour printed Directory that is also available as an Ebook

Masteco Industry Co. Ltd.

Areas Covered: Worldwide.
Company offers sprinkler heads, stainless steel flexible hoses with fittings, alarm check, deluge and check valves, packaged sprinkler systems, vacuum sprinkler systems for water fire extinguishing, as well as optimally designed gaseous firefighting equipment and systems such as; FIRESAFE, Kitchen Safe, cabinet (packaged) type, modular automatic type and FM 200 Piston flow systems. The FM 200 Piston flow sytesm is UL listed, discharging FM 200 to a longer distance taking up less installation space and minimising costs. MASTECO also designs, produces and tests all its products themselves in their own facilities.
Head Office:
1009 Ho, 244 Beotkkot-Ro
Seoul 153 788
Korea (South)
phone +82 2 785 1301
fax +82 2 785 1313
Agent, Manufacturer, System Integrator/Designer
Relations: Agent/Dealer For: DuPont Fire Extinguishants
President Mr. Ju-Hwan Oh