This online Directory lists equipment and suppliers for the Asian & Middle Eastern fire industry, covering both the passive and active sectors. It is accompanied by a full-colour printed Directory (email for details), that is also available as an Ebook

E2S Warning Signals

Products: Alarm Bells Alarms ATEX / Intrinsically Safe Products Lighting (Flashing & Rotating) Sirens/Sounders Voice Annunciators
Description: E2S is the world's leading independent manufacturer of high performance audible and visual signs. Our worldwide approved products range from sounders, beacons, voice sounders to loudspeakers and manual call points for hazardous areas, fire & (more)
Contact: Marketing Manager

Coltri Asia Pacific® Co. Ltd.

Products: Air Purification Systems Breathing Apparatus Compressors (Breathing Air) Cylinders Diving Equipment
Description: Company manufacture and export high pressure breathing air compressors for scuba diving, SCBA, fire & rescue, commercial & technical diving, fishery, defense, paint ball, industrial gases application and instrument testing CNG/NGV boosters, as well (more)
Contact: Mr. Robin Lloyd

Chase Enterprise (Siam) Co. Ltd.

Products: Aircraft Rescue Equipment/Vehicles Crash Rescue Trucks (Airfields) Equipment for Firefighting Fire Boats Firefighting Equipment Rescue Equipment Vehicles (Firefighting)
Description: Company is a manufacturer and distributor of firefighting & rescue vehicles and ambulances with a full line of firefighting & rescue equipment (more)
Contact: Mr. Panupong Premprasert

Jiangxi Besta Industries Company Ltd.

Products: Hose (Fire) Hose Couplings Hydrants Nozzles Pipes Pipe Couplings & Fittings Standpipes & Equipment
Description: Company is a manufacturer of hose couplings, branch pipes, nozzles, hoses, various fittings for firefighting equipment, landing valves and accessories for extinguishers (more)
Contact: Mr. Cai Shuguang

MTK Fire Protection Systems

Products: C.A.F.S (Compressed Air Foam Systems) Foam Proportioning Systems
Description: MTK Fire Protection Systems is a company that manufacture water driven foam proportioners, FoamDos®, that is used for many global projects. FoamDos® is certified under FM Approvals. In addition, a Compressed Air Foam System called CAFSOFIRE is (more)
Contact: Ms. Lucy Song

Steel Recon Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Products: Alarm Detection/Support Systems CO2 Gas & Extinguishing Systems Extinguishers Hydrants Sprinklers & Deluge Systems
Description: To complete SRI's own manufactured product range, we have extended our specialised equipment portfolio providing our customers with total fire protection under one roof. Systems such as; HFC227ea/SR200, CO2, foam, Inertec System (Inert Gas) and fire (more)
Contact: Ms. Kuek Siah Year

Pacific Helmets (NZ) Ltd.

Products: Firefighting Equipment Helmets Personal Protection Equipment Rescue Equipment Safety Equipment
Description: Company is a manufacturer of helmets for the fire services & rescue services, E.M.S. personnel and the police. Please contact the company for details of your local agent (more)
Contact: Mr. Grant Bennett

Qingdao Hengda Special Protection Products Factory

Products: Equipment for Firefighting Firefighting Equipment Flash/Fire Hoods Gloves Personal Protection Equipment Protective Clothing
Description: Company is a manufacturer of firefighting equipment for firefighters including fire protective clothing, gloves and flash/fire hoods for firefighters according to EN469, EN659 & EN13911 standards. We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, an (more)
Contact: Mrs Aiju Shao

Fire Chem

Products: Extinguishing Agents Firefighting Powders Foam Agents Foam Concentrates Foam Proportioning Systems
Description: FireChem is a manufacturer of foam concentrates, dry chemical powders, bladder tank proportioning systems, foam chambers/pourers, handline nozzles and dry chemical systems. Products offered are UL listed and FM approved and are also in compliance (more)
Contact: Mr. Aditya Parekh

Integrated Fire Protection Pvt. Ltd.

Products: Extinguishers Firefighting Powders Foam Agents Foam Concentrates Foam Trailers/Trucks Hazmat & Decontamination Equipment Hose Reels (Fixed/Portable) Monitors (for Foam/Water) Nozzles Pumps (Fixed & Portable)
Description: Integrated Fire Protection (IFP) is a market leader in the field of firefighting foam concentrates, dry chemical powder & equipments. All products are UL/FM/BIS/DG/DNV & Lloyds approved. IFP also produce rim seal protection by FE-36 and clean agent (more)
Contact: Mr. A.K. Mukherejee

V-Great Global Corporation

Products: Alarm Detection/Support Systems Alarm Panels & Accessories Beam Smoke Detectors Fire Detection Firefighting Equipment
Description: V-Great is a worldwide platform established to provide fire prevention and protection products. With experienced staff and talented engineers, V-Great is keen on providing and sourcing the right products as per client's requests, as well as offering (more)
Contact: Ms. Lily Cui

Bavaria Egypt S.A.E.

Products: Cabinets (for Fire Equipment) Extinguishers Fire Suppression Systems Firefighting Equipment Foam Trailers/Trucks Pumps (Fixed & Portable) Rescue Equipment Training
Description: Bavaria Holding designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of high quality EN3 certified fire extinguishers in different capacities, UL firefighting systems and resistant's, trailers, cabinets as well as firefighting equipment (more)
Contact: Mr. Haifaz S. Haifaz